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Foods to Avoid If You Are With Gallstones
Gallbladders aren’t essential organs but do have the primary function of transporting bile to the intestine for fat metabolism. They Read more
Feet corn
The development of corn on your feet or toe can be a painful experience that will prompt you to seek Read more
Ear Burning
Some harmful substances in our environment that we pay no attention to can cause underlying medical conditions that lead to Read more
Achy Legs
Leg pain is any discomfort to the leg caused by either traumatic or non-traumatic activities, leading to the inflammation of Read more
Leg Lump
Throughout our lives, we develop small skin growths. These are benign and usually disappear on their own. Sometimes, however, you Read more
Herpes is an infection that has become more common in recent years, with eye and genital herpes being one of Read more
Magnesium deficiency: Symptoms, signs and treatment
Magnesium accounts for about 25 grams of an adult’s body mass, with 50 to 60 % of it finding its Read more
Spinal Burning Sensation
Burning sensations in the back are common complaints in modern society. There is mild discomfort that eases over time without Read more
You’ve searched Google for answers about an embarrassing problem. Maybe you’re feeling a bit self-conscious that you sweat too much. Read more

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