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The skilled clinicians at Post Oak ER certified stat laboratory, perform various tests on clinical specimens to gain information on the health status of their ER patients. The data is used to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease.

Activities that take place in this certified stat laboratory include the collection of specimens, processing, and analysis. Standard services include the provision of sterile containers for the procurement of stool, urine, and sputum samples; breath and sweat collection; pH, blood glucose, and tuberculin testing; and bleeding times.

Blood, urine, and other body tissue samples are used for testing by a lab technician, or a doctor, to determine if the results are within the desired normal range. There are a wide variety of tests used to suit each unique individual.

Many factors can affect the accuracy of lab test results, such as:

  • Race, gender, and age
  • Whatever the patient had to eat and drink
  • Medicines
  • Whether the patient followed pre-test instructions

Your physician is likely to compare current results to the outcome of previous tests. Laboratory testing is often a part of routine health care and is also used in emergency room settings.

Lab Services include:

  • Certified Stat Laboratory
  • Testing