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Difference Between an ER, Hospital, Urgent Care Post Oak ER Read More

Difference Between an ER, Hospital, Urgent Care

Difference Between an ER, a Hospital, Urgent Care   Choosing where to go when you suddenly feel ill or have an accident can be the most crucial decision of your life. Making the right decision can help save your life. But how to know the difference between an ER, a hospital, urgent care? Today at […]

Tips to Stay Safe at Home and Work Read More

Tips to Stay Safe at Home and Work

Tips to Stay Safe at Home and Work   Safety is both a collective and private responsibility. At Post Oak ER in Houston Texas, we are committed to helping the members of our community stay safe no matter where they are. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of potential dangers at home and […]

Heat-Related Emergencies Warning Signs & Symptoms Read More

Heat-Related Emergencies Warning Signs & Symptoms

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heat-Related Emergencies The unrelenting heat wave we’ve been experiencing this summer is far from over and may worsen in the coming days meaning temperatures will continue to soar into uncharted territory, increasing the risk for heat-related emergencies in our area.  At Post Oak ER, we believe that it’s our responsibility […]

summer food poisoning emergencies post oak er Read More

Summer Food Poisoning Emergencies

Summer Food Poisoning Emergencies Summertime is all about cookouts, picnics, and outdoor eating. But unfortunately, food poisoning is more common during the hot summer months. The high temperatures and food left out can speed up the growth of harmful bacteria that can lead to food poisoning.  At Post Oak ER we are here to help […]

Norovirus Infection Read More

Norovirus Infection: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Although Salmonella is perhaps the leading cause of food poisoning, Norovirus is increasingly becoming a plague causing more than 20 million cases of stomach flu and approximately 800 deaths each year in the United States. Norovirus is highly contagious and one of the most common causes of food poisoning or gastroenteritis in the US. Norovirus, […]