Employee Highlight November 2022

Employee Highlight November 2022

Employee Highlight November 2022 – Mario Miranda Patrono, ER Aficionado

Today we want to highlight the extraordinary work of one of our beloved ER techs, Mario Miranda.

We consider ER techs as cornerstones to the flawless functioning of our facilities because they can and do it all.

Every shift presents different challenges for Mario as he is responsible for ensuring we all have a safe environment to work in and for patients to feel comfortable. Mario is involved in all aspects of patient care from when patient signs in to discharge.



Employee Highlight November 2022

Studies and Background

What most people don’t know is that Mario is already a doctor. However, he graduated outside of the United States and still needs to take his boards here to receive accreditation. Doing this is among his top priorities for next year. Mario has quickly become a valuable asset to our organization thanks to his training and skills.

Mario has been working in healthcare for the last seven years. He became part of our work family a little over a year ago. Mario says his favorite thing about working here is taking the time to get to know the staff; the feeling is mutual because we are delighted to have him. He also loves how friendly our patients are.

The choice to work in this industry was always clear for Mario, who says he’s felt passionate about healthcare and healthcare administration from a young age.

Mario has an interesting background, as he is half Puerto Rican and half Italian. Growing up, his parents were diplomats, which allowed him to travel and live in different countries, soaking up their cultural richness and becoming a food connoisseur.


Hobbies and Interests


Mario has a passion for food and adventure, making a point to visit new restaurants consistently every weekend. His favorite restaurants In Houston are Fiori and Soto, but Mario is your man if you ever need a good restaurant recommendation!

Aside from food, Mario’s other favorite hobby is traveling with his wife, as you can imagine. Australia and New Zealand are among his top travel destinations. He loves being near water; as he puts it, he lives for the ocean.

Of course, sports are also part of Mario’s interests. He loves to play soccer, outdoor running and is an avid Formula 1 aficionado.

Aside from eating out with great people, he also enjoys the city’s nightlife and bar hopping and is always game for a Sunday Funday.


Thank you, Mario, for everything you do and for always being willing to help and make our work environment safe and enjoyable.

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