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Under Arm Cyst Read More

Under Arm Cyst, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

With the increase in present-day technology, diagnosing diseases is now a pretty seamless procedure leading to a health-conscious culture where many individuals self-inspect their body in search of outgrowth that seems out of place. Generally, this is a good practice as patients with chronic conditions can be diagnosed and treated early. A cyst is a […]

abscess Read More

Abscess under Armpit: Symptoms. Causes, Treatment

At a certain point in our lives, most of us will experience the unpleasant discomfort caused by an abscess. An abscess, also known as a boil, is an enclosed sac filled with liquid tissues or pus. This condition is caused by bacterial (staphylococcus aureus) entrance through nick or cuts in your skin. Abscess development is […]

arm weakness Read More

Arm Weakness: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Different activities can trigger the causes of arm or muscle weakness. Some can be as simple as fatigue caused by overworking the muscles and arms, and other factors responsible for this medical condition can be life-threatening. Generally, several misconceptions occur during diagnosis, and you can mistake arm weakness for muscle fatigue. Arm weakness is different […]

Knee Buckling Read More

Knee Buckling: 6 Causes and Treatments

Bending your knees over and over again over many years can cause them to “buckle.” Knee buckling, also known as knee giving way, is the feeling of your temporary loss of control over your knee joint. The feeling that your knees may not support weight is alarming for anyone experiencing temporary weakness. Causes and Treatment […]

Foot Bruise Read More

Foot Bruise, Causes, Treatment

If the upper part of your foot is covered in purplish-blue bruises, you might be very worried about them. We understand your concern and want to help you out. In this blog post, we will discuss what causes bruises on top of the foot and treat them. A bruise is a form of minor injury […]

Leg Lump Read More

Lumps on Legs: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Throughout our lives, we develop small skin growths. These are benign and usually disappear on their own. Sometimes, however, you might experience signs of cancer. We’re going to tell you what causes lumps on legs in both adults and children and point out a few symptoms that you should take a closer look at and […]

Arthritis vs. Rheumatism Read More

Arthritis vs. Rheumatism | What is the Difference?

You arrived home tired after a stressful day at work; then, you felt this sharp pain in your knee joint while trying to sit on the couch. Despite not experiencing that kind of pain before, you wonder what could be wrong. Then you search the internet for the possible cause of knee pain, and you […]

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Bleeding Disorders – Types of Uncontrolled Bleeding

Blood is arguably one of the most critical issues in our body. The blood comprises liquids (plasma) and solid (red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelet) substances. It’s tough to ignore the role blood plays in our bodies. Bleeding disorders are severe medical conditions that affect many people around the world. They occur when […]

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Physical Therapy Awareness: Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, sometimes known as rehabilitation or occupational therapy, is often used to help patients recover from an injury, surgery, or disease in addition to other common uses to treat medical conditions. Physical therapy aims to help restore a person’s function and mobility. Doctors, therapists, and patients work together to determine whether physical therapy is […]

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Spinal Headaches, Lumbar Puncture Headache, Prevention and Treatment

Each year almost a million people worldwide undergo lumbar puncture (or spinal tap) or spinal anaesthesia. A lumbar puncture (also called LP) is a diagnostic procedure involving the extraction of cerebrospinal fluid (or CSF) by inserting a small needle into the membrane surrounding the spinal cord. The leakage of spinal fluid causes lumbar puncture headache […]