Under Arm Cyst

Under Arm Cyst, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

With the increase in present-day technology, diagnosing diseases is now a pretty seamless procedure leading to a health-conscious culture where many individuals self-inspect their body in search of outgrowth that seems out of place. Generally, this is a good practice as patients with chronic conditions can be diagnosed and treated early.

A cyst is a closed sac underneath the skin filled with pus-like substances, just like common pimples. While the development is commonly visible and easy to diagnose, some cysts can develop inside the body (ovarian cyst).

Cyst on the underarm is a common skin condition affecting millions worldwide. This type of acne is one of the most painful forms and can develop on other parts of the body such as your face, chest, and back.

A cyst on the underarm isn’t usually a life-threatening condition; however, on rare occasions, cancerous cysts do occur and can be an embarrassing condition for people who care about their physical appearance.

The treatment course for removing cysts varies depending on the cyst’s location and size. But what causes the development of cysts?

Causes of Cyst on Under Arm

Several factors can cause the development of cysts, and this includes genetic and infection. Cyst are usually asymptomatic and show no signs; a cyst on the arm can be felt as a bump and accompanied by pain. Some common causes of cyst on your arm include:


Infection can lead to the development of cystic acne on your arms when bacteria enter your skin through cuts. Cyst growth develops on the arm due to trauma or excessive skin rubbing against clothing. Once the infection is under the skin, it can infect the roots of the hair on the skin.

Cyst caused by infection gets better without rigorous treatment or is treatable with a warm compress. Your doctor may cut the affected area and drain out the infection. Antibiotics may be given to help prevent further infection and relieve discomfort.


Bursitis is a condition accompanied by inflammation of the fluid-filled sac (bursa) surrounding the joints in the arm. This condition occurs by repetitively applying pressure on the joint.

Bursitis gets better with home remedies such as icing the affected arm and taking anti-inflammatory medications. If your condition deteriorates, visit your doctor for alternative medication and treatment courses.

Joint cyst

The cyst that occurs on the arm are often ganglion cysts and often cause discomfort in the joints and tendons of the peninsula.

The cyst is characterized by redness and inflamed painful bumps. Most times, ganglion cysts resolve without treatment; however, your doctor may perform a procedure to drain the fluids if they become unbearable.

Other causes

Other cyst causes on the arm include blockage in the duct, genetics, chronic inflammation, and inherited diseases.

How to Treat Under Arm Cyst

The treatment course varies depending on the size and severity of the condition. Irrespective of the level of discomfort experienced, you should never squeeze a cyst as this will only make your skin ugly and leave a permanent mark. It might also cause an active infection.

Mild cases of cyst in the under arm resolve independently or with the help of a warm compress. In some cases, the medical procedure may help relieve discomfort.

Medical procedures

The best treatment route is to seek the consultation of a professional healthcare provider. Common medical options used to treat cysts include:

  • Cutting or draining the infectious fluid using a surgical needle
  • Administration of anti-inflammatory medications such as corticosteroid injection to reduce inflammation.
  • In extreme cases, your doctor may perform a surgical procedure to remove the cyst. This procedure is often used to treat internal cysts that are difficult to reach.

How to Prevent Underarm Cyst

You cannot prevent the development of a cyst; however, you can avoid triggers responsible for this condition. Firstly you have to observe good sanitary hygiene.

If your condition is caused by hormonal imbalance, you can use hormonal medication to balance hormone levels. Always keep your skin moist to prevent blockage of the oil duct, leading to the development of cysts on your arm.

If you discover a bumpy outgrowth on your under arm, you probably have a cyst; however, you should visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis to rule out other underlying conditions.

Maintaining a healthy diet can also help prevent cyst development on your arm. Always discuss your concerns with a skin expert or dermatologist to avoid skin complications.