Man coughing

How to Stop Ribs Hurting from Coughing

Do you feel pain in your ribs when you cough? If you do, then you must know it can be distracting and even painful. It’s hard to focus on anything when your ribs are in pain.

Some common conditions like asthma, flu, or cold can cause you to cough constantly. While these conditions are not also conducive, your ribs hurting while you are experiencing any of these ailments can really dampen your mood.

You most likely want to know how to stop your ribs from hurting when you cough, so read on and let us help you ease your pain.

Deploy Compression

If you experience pain in your ribs while you cough, one thing you can try is compression. Compression involves placing a hand on the area where you’re feeling pain. You can do this with your opposite arm, or you can use a handkerchief or towel. You apply pressure to the location similarly to how one would use a massage technique called kneading.

Treat Your Cough

Another way to stop your ribs from hurting is to treat your cough. If your cough results from a cold, flu, or upper respiratory infection, get medication. Taking cough syrups, drinking warm water, and taking over-the-counter medicines meant to calm down the cough can also help you stop your ribs from hurting.

Get Over-the-counter Painkillers

When your ribs hurt from coughing, the solution could just be getting over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen. These types of painkillers work on your muscles and joints to keep them from aching.

Cough with Care

When you feel like you are about to cough,  sit up and slightly lean forward. Press a pillow against your belly to avoid pain. Press your arm against your stomach, and after a few seconds, cough rapidly into a tissue. Take a breather and then go again.

Apply a Cream or Gel Formulated to Treat Muscle Pain

To stop your ribs from hurting when you cough, applying a cream or gel formulated to treat muscle pain is another option. There are many products out there, so you should research which one would be best for you. You can find many products like this in your local drug stores or medical supply stores.

Apply Heat or Cold to Your Sore Ribs

According to the experts, applying heat or cold is another way to stop your ribs from hurting. You can do this by wrapping an ice pack in a thin towel and placing it over the pain area. You can also use a heating pad.

Exercise When You Are Free

If you’ve tried many of the above ways to stop your ribs from hurting from coughing and none of them worked for you, then exercise might do the trick. Focus on some simple exercises that focus on your abdominals. You might feel better after doing a few of these.

These are just some of the many techniques and options you can deploy to stop your ribs from hurting when you cough. When you are experiencing pain in your ribs while you cough, finding a solution is worth the effort.

Look through some of these options and see which one works best for you.