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Heart Disease Prevention, Causes, Warning Signs, and When to go to the ER

In a world where heart disease remains a leading cause of mortality, safeguarding cardiovascular health is paramount. At Post Oak ER, we recognize the critical importance of proactive measures, timely intervention, and awareness in preventing heart disease and ensuring optimal well-being. Let’s delve into essential aspects of heart disease prevention, its causes, warning signs, and […]

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Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Warning Signs of a Heart Attack Heart attacks are one of the most common forms of heart disease. In America, one person suffers a heart attack every 40 seconds. Heart attacks are time-sensitive emergencies. The more time passes without treatment to restore blood flow to the heart, the greater the damage. That is why learning to […]

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Top Reasons Men Visit the Emergency Room

Top Reasons Men Visit the Emergency Room What They Are, How to Prevent Each, and Warning Signs to Go to the ER At Post Oak ER, we genuinely care about men’s health and understand the importance of timely medical care. In this article, we want to share with you the top reasons why men visit […]

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Chest Burning Sensation: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

As a chest burning sensation is typically a symptom of gastrointestinal issues, heart conditions, or lung problems, it can be frightening. Heartburn is the most frequent cause of a burning sensation in the chest. Heart pain and discomfort are often associated with these conditions; however, other severe reasons for developing a burning sensation in the […]

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5 Things to Do to Keep Your Heart Healthy

If you’re like most Americans, the idea of heart disease creeps into your subconscious mind. For a good reason too. After all, heart disease causes most deaths for both men and women in the United States, regardless of race or ethnicity. One American dies from cardiovascular disease every 36 seconds. Coronary artery disease, commonly known […]

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Remember as much of what you are about to read as you can because every minute counts when it comes to saving your heart muscle. As every minute passes, there is an increasing chance of irreversible damage to the heart. Signs and symptoms of a heart attack are different from one person to person. They […]

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Heart-Healthy Holiday Foods Staying disciplined to a healthy lifestyle is hard enough on a routine; now imagine your frustration when you have multiple functions filled with several buffets of delicious meals and high cholesterol foods. These mouthwatering meals will most likely make you forget your routine for a couple of hours and indulge in consuming […]