Spinal Burning Sensation

Burning Sensation in Your Back: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Burning sensations in the back are common complaints in modern society. There is mild discomfort that eases over time without requiring medical intervention.

A recurring condition, however, may indicate a more severe condition requiring immediate medical attention.

A Burning sensation is any feeling of discomfort experienced on the back, leading to accompanying pain and warmth. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, in recent research, states that an estimated 80% of Americans experience back pain at least once in their life.

There may be underlying conditions of the nerves, muscles, and skin in people who suffer from this condition; however, it is treatable. In this article, we explore the causes, symptoms, and treatments of back burning sensation.

What are the Causes of Back Burning Sensation?

Varying conditions can be responsible for a burning sensation in the back. For example, spending some time under the sun without a lubricant can cause a sunburn leading to a feeling of warmth in the affected area. On the other hand, a burning sensation can result from undying medical conditions.

Common conditions that may cause a burning sensation in the back include:


Generally, physical conditions and activities are often related to the significant causes of burn; however, this burning sensation can also tell the state of our mental and emotional health. Stress induces muscles in the body to tighten, which causes back pain.


Aging is a natural factor that causes constriction of the spinal tract, resulting in age-related diseases such as arthritis, leading to discomfort and back pain.

Muscle problem

Routine activities such as sitting and standing for hours in the same position can overwork the muscles in your back and constrict the muscles, which causes eminent pain and discomfort.


During pregnancy, the weight of the growing fetus exerts pressure on the mother’s back, causing a burning sensation in the back.

Muscle Sprain or Strain

When the back muscles are under pressure, they can tear. Carrying heavy loads, improper exercise techniques, poor postures, obesity can result in sprain or strains.

Other causes of back burning sensation include Infectious conditions (shingles), Nerve compression, herniated disc, Multiple Sclerosis, and Side effects of surgery.

What are the Symptoms of Back Burning Sensation?

Back burning sensation symptoms experienced by patients vary, depending on the severity of the condition. Some common symptoms of back burning sensation include:

  • Reddish inflammation
  • Numbness
  • Pains
  • Muscle weakness
  • Tenderness
  • Fever

What is the Risk Factor of Back Burning Sensation?

Certain people are at risk of experiencing back burning sensations. The class of people is:

Older adults

The bone mass of aged adults steadily decreases, thereby increasing the risk of developing pack pain. Proper intake of vitamin supplements, exercise, and an appropriate food diet can help minimize the risk.

Those who are obese

Obese individuals have an increased chance of suffering from this condition. The excess body weight exerts pressure on the back, resulting in back pain in the long run.


Lifting heavy weight without proper techniques can cause injuries to the back, causing back pain. Participants in extreme sports such as weight lifting have a higher risk of developing this condition if they don’t adhere to professional advice.

What is the Treatment for Back Burning Sensation?

Management of back burning sensation involves using non-operative techniques. The treatment plan recommended by your doctor is dependent on the root cause of the prevailing illness.

In most cases, the sensation will resolve. Still, there are some methods to minimize discomfort, such as avoiding strenuous activity, applying ice to the affected area, taking anti-inflammatory medications, and scheduling a massage therapy session.

If your health deteriorates or symptoms persist after a few days, contact your doctor for immediate medical attention as neurological disorders might bring the pain.

When to Visit a Doctor?

Generally, back burning sensation requires no special treatment as it resolves within a couple of hours.

If excruciating pains prevent you from engaging in daily activities, schedule an appointment with your doctor for a diagnosis and help recommend the first step to enjoying a pain-free life.