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Daily Archives: 08/15/2022

back to school tips for moms & dads Read More

Back to School Tips for Moms & Dads

Back to School Tips for Moms & Dads Parents and children hope for some much-needed normalcy as a new school year begins. But we are still dealing with COVID-19 variants, not to mention flu season is fast approaching with the fall’s cooler weather, so it’s no surprise everyone has concerns. To help lighten the stress […]

summer food poisoning emergencies post oak er Read More

Summer Food Poisoning Emergencies

Summer Food Poisoning Emergencies Summertime is all about cookouts, picnics, and outdoor eating. But unfortunately, food poisoning is more common during the hot summer months. The high temperatures and food left out can speed up the growth of harmful bacteria that can lead to food poisoning.  At Post Oak ER we are here to help […]