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Daily Archives: 12/22/2021

bacterial-diseases Read More

10 Diseases Caused by Bacteria

Do you know that the human body contains more bacteria cells than human cells? Bacteria are one of the earliest forms of life discovered on earth and are essential to sustaining the planetary ecosystem. They are found around us and are necessary for metabolic processes such as food digestion, nutrient absorption, and even protection against […]

Knee Buckling Read More

Knee Buckling: 6 Causes and Treatments

Bending your knees over and over again over many years can cause them to “buckle.” Knee buckling, also known as knee giving way, is the feeling of your temporary loss of control over your knee joint. The feeling that your knees may not support weight is alarming for anyone experiencing temporary weakness. Causes and Treatment […]

Appendicitis Vs. Stomach Virus Read More

Stomach Flu or Appendicitis | Signs to Know

You wake up one day with horrible pain in your lower right abdomen. Despite going to bed feeling fine, now you’re hunched over and crying like a baby. Then comes the question: appendicitis or stomach virus? These two common illnesses are often confused with each other. This article will give you easy ways to tell […]

Vomiting blood (haematemesis) Read More

Vomiting Blood (haematemesis) Causes and Treatment

Vomiting blood is not a good thing – it can happen for several reasons, some life-threatening. This article will go through when it’s likely to happen and what the possible causes are. It will also cover the treatment and advice on what to do if you or someone around you is vomiting blood. What is […]