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Daily Archives: 09/25/2020

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5 Things to Do to Keep Your Heart Healthy

If you’re like most Americans, the idea of heart disease creeps into your subconscious mind. For a good reason too. After all, heart disease causes most deaths for both men and women in the United States, regardless of race or ethnicity. One American dies from cardiovascular disease every 36 seconds. Coronary artery disease, commonly known […]

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Bleeding Disorders – Types of Uncontrolled Bleeding

Blood is arguably one of the most critical issues in our body. The blood comprises liquids (plasma) and solid (red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelet) substances. It’s tough to ignore the role blood plays in our bodies. Bleeding disorders are severe medical conditions that affect many people around the world. They occur when […]

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When to Take Your Child to the Emergency Room?

Vomiting is a common problem involving the stomach or bowel, such as food intolerance, and can occur in children for several reasons.  Whenever an abnormal strain of bacteria enters the body’s system, your body produces an immune response (antibodies) as a natural defense to purge the body of all unnatural substances. Nausea and vomiting are […]

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Remember as much of what you are about to read as you can because every minute counts when it comes to saving your heart muscle. As every minute passes, there is an increasing chance of irreversible damage to the heart. Signs and symptoms of a heart attack are different from one person to person. They […]

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As aging takes over our bodies, despite all reasonable efforts, gravity seems to take its toll, even with the best of efforts. Exercising as we age makes a huge difference as you will see below. Hold on to Your Memories Having a regular exercise routine helps deliver oxygen to your muscles and get rid of […]

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Physical Therapy Awareness: Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, sometimes known as rehabilitation or occupational therapy, is often used to help patients recover from an injury, surgery, or disease in addition to other common uses to treat medical conditions. Physical therapy aims to help restore a person’s function and mobility. Doctors, therapists, and patients work together to determine whether physical therapy is […]

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Spinal Headaches, Lumbar Puncture Headache, Prevention and Treatment

Each year almost a million people worldwide undergo lumbar puncture (or spinal tap) or spinal anaesthesia. A lumbar puncture (also called LP) is a diagnostic procedure involving the extraction of cerebrospinal fluid (or CSF) by inserting a small needle into the membrane surrounding the spinal cord. The leakage of spinal fluid causes lumbar puncture headache […]

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Heart-Healthy Holiday Foods Staying disciplined to a healthy lifestyle is hard enough on a routine; now imagine your frustration when you have multiple functions filled with several buffets of delicious meals and high cholesterol foods. These mouthwatering meals will most likely make you forget your routine for a couple of hours and indulge in consuming […]

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Skin Infection: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

A skin infection is a situation in which germs (bacteria, viruses, or fungi) infect your skin and deep tissues underneath it. In some cases, it’s generated by a parasite invading your skin. You can get a skin infection any time your skin is torn, whether from a cut, tattoo, piercing, puncture, sting or bite. Which […]

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5 Reasons Why Exercise is Important

Everyone is aware of the importance of exercise, but do you know why exercise is important? Exercise benefits many different areas of your body and your life. Major Reason to Exercise Here are 5 good reasons why you should make exercise a regular part of your routine. 1. Weight Control: help you lose weight One […]